Over 155,000 Sales Managers and Salespersons trained

Well we did it. After slightly less than 12 years in business, we have presented to, coached and trained over 155,000 sales managers and salespersons. This training has taken place on four continents.

Jim is pleased to see that many of the participants who attended his training are doing very well in the sales and management profession. Jim knows that these participants did the hard work and at best he just gave them the direction to follow, systems, processes and tools to use, and/or the motivation to overcome adversity.

Jim feels honored to be part of their professional lives and that he learned as much from them and they learned from him. The gift has been mutual respect.

Thank you for the privilege to work with some of the top managers and top salespersons in the world. Jim is richer spiritually, emotionally and intellectually from the experience.

The Passionate Manager in Greek

Jim was just informed that a great friend in Greece, Dimitrios Farantouris (Agency Manager of the top agency in Greece) has decided to arrange the translation and publication of Jim's first book, The Passionate Manager, in Greek.

Dimitris and Jim have become great friends and look upon each other as brothers. Dimitris expects to have the book published in Greek in September. Jim feels very fortunate to have Dimotris's support and sponsorship.

Look for The Passionate Manager in Greek in the fall of 2010. This brings the total languages in which Jim is published to eleven. He has 6 titles in print.

Jim's seventh book - The Passionate Sales Manager - will be published in English in June of 2010.

National Networking Seminar - Slovakia

In late April 2010, Jim presented at the National Networking seminar held on April 29th in Bratislava, Slovakia. Over 150 leaders and managers from the top networks in Slovakia and Czech attended. The theme of the conference was motivation.

There were a wide range of presenters and Jim felt honored to participate. It was generally agreed that motivation is internal rather than external. Each of us has box in which contains the things that motivate us. If the correct key is used, the box is opened, and motivation happens. The secret is to find the correct key.

Jim believes we can also open the box when we create the correct environment. For the past 12 years he has been looking for a model or method that motivates people and better uses their capacity.

Well, he found it. It is called OpenAgile. It is a management and team methodology that honors the individual, empowers them and motivates them to better use their capacity.

Go to OpenAgile.com to get more information. We believe OpenAgile will be the management and team methodology of the future. You will hear more about it in the future.

The Passionate Salesperson in Czech

We have just signed a contract to publish book number 6, "The Passionate Salesperson" in the Czech language. We expect the book to be on the book shelves in the Czech and Slovak Republics this summer.

Jim has written six books published in eleven languages. We are constantly looking for publishers and agents to represent our books and our seminars in other countries of the world.

If you are interested in being an agent of our books and/or seminars, we encourage you to contact us.