Selling in times of Crisis - MDRT Presentation

I have been invited to present at the MDRT Europe Classic regional meeting in Athens, Greece, in February next year. I have chosen as a topic, Selling in times of Crisis.

We are living and working in very usual times. Selling financial products or any products can be difficult at times. This is the difficult time. We are in a global crisis! During a crisis, it requires unique skills and great sensitivity on the part of the salesperson to walk with the customer and move the customer to action.

Having a good product, pricing and service is expected by the customer. Quality, price and service are the cornerstones of every competitive product. But in times of crisis, excelling in each of these areas is not enough. In fact if we as sellers brag too much about having these cornerstones, the purchaser begins not to listen, not to trust and of course, does not buy.

So if we have the cornerstones (quality product, price and service) then what are we left with? What do we offer? Where is our competitive advantage?

Maybe you will have to wait until you attend the MDRT conference in Greece! Hehe! If you want some ideas, e-mail me ... and I will help you.

The Passionate Manager - Greek Version

My first book, The Passionate Manager - is now published in Greek thanks to the hard work of my good friends in Athens, Dimitiris Farantouris (publisher) and Georgia Tsiliki (translator)! Thank you to each of them for their hard work.

Dimitiris has now agreed to work on my 6th book - The Passionate Salesperson. In February 2011, I will be speaking at the MDRT regional conference and we plan to have that book available in Greek then. With good friends everything is possible. Thank you!

The Passionate Sales Manager, includes OpenAgile - Professional Book

After many months of writing and editing, my 7th book is printed. The Passionate Sales Manager is filled with systems, processes and tools to help the new and existing manager to effectively build and manage a high performance team of salespersons. Like my other books, this is a practical resource book that describes to the reader how to manage, what to do and what to say to increase their personal professionalism, productivity and profitability and do the same for their salespeople. Soon the book will be available in e-book as well as paperback.

There is an added bonus in this book. There is a brand new self-management methodology called OpenAgile. We have been testing OpenAgile in many sales teams with groups of managers and groups of salespersons. The results have been impressive. This new model of management that was developed in 2009 and is built upon a consultative philosophy. This type of management, OpenAgile, honors the individual and creates an environment where everyone has the opportunity to participate in the methods that lead to success. Management methods are evolving and the needs and attitudes of the salesperson are changing. OpenAgile effectively responds to the changes in society, the marketplace and the needs of the individual.

Purchase The Passionate Sales Manager in either a paper version or an eBook version

We hope you enjoy the results of this effort.

August = Activity

We are in our final month of the summer and I am sure you have all seen a drop in activity and results. As a field manager I found the month of August always a challenge for everyone (managers, salespeople and customers) seemed to be in vacation mode. Everyone seemed to have an excuse why they could not work. Unfortunately if we wait until September to get back into the business, we will not see results until October. So we will lose results in both August and September. You have heard me say this before ...
Teams don't plan to fail, they just fail to plan!

I thought I would share some ideas how you can begin to prepare your sales teams. The objective is to be running hard in September and get good results in September. Below are some steps you and they can take this month.

1. Focus all team members, managers and salespeople on prospecting. Develop a quick competition that would reward the salesperson who gains a number of prospective customers and the manager who gains a number of prospective candidates.

2. Prospecting Blitz nights - choose one night a week, for 4 weeks, where all managers and salespersons gather together and make a number of phone calls, to set up prospecting meetings.

3. Celebrate the gathering of names. Maybe Pizza and coca cola.

4. Appointment Blitz nights - choose another night a week, for 4 weeks, where all managers and salespersons make a number of phone calls, to set up recruiting or sales appointments.

5. Celebrate the achievement of booked appointments. Maybe bowling or sporting event.

The objective is to fill the recruiting and sales funnels with potential candidates or potential customers.

Sales Funnel - Prospecting for potential customers -> Approaches -> Appointments = New Sales

Recruiting Funnel - Prospecting for candidates -> Approaches -> Appointments = New Salespeople

I guarantee if you wait until September, you will not be impressed with the production achieved or the new hires.

I wish you luck. Remember you, your managers and your salespeople only control activity, not results. August is the month you focus on activity!

If we can help in the fall, please let us know. According to the feedback we have received, our seminars result in dramatic and improved activity and results. Please contact us at: