Living with Purpose

Be generous in prosperity, and thankful in adversity.

Be worthy of the trust of thy neighbor, and look upon him with a bright and friendly face. Be a treasure to the poor, an admonisher to the rich, an answerer of the cry of the needy, a preserver of the sanctity of thy pledge. Be fair in thy judgment, and guarded in thy speech. Be unjust to no man, and show all meekness to all men.

Be as a lamp unto them that walk in darkness, a joy to the sorrowful, a sea for the thirsty, a haven for the distressed, an upholder and defender of the victim of oppression.

Let integrity and uprightness distinguish all thine acts. Be a home for the stranger, a balm to the suffering, a tower of strength for the fugitive. Be eyes to the blind, and a guiding light unto the feet of the erring.

Be an ornament to the countenance of truth, a crown to the brow of fidelity, a pillar of the temple of righteousness, a breath of life to the body of mankind, an ensign of the hosts of justice, a luminary above the horizon of virtue, a dew to the soil of the human heart, an ark on the ocean of knowledge, a sun in the heaven of bounty, a gem on the diadem of wisdom, a shining light in the firmament of thy generation, a fruit upon the tree of humility."

— Bahá'u'lláh

A Split Personality

I hope I have great business sense rather than a split personality. In late 2010 I made a business decision to refocus my business efforts. I believe the results will have a dramatic effect on my business in the coming years.

Currently I am focused on three businesses.

My principal business is Professional Sale Plus (PSP) which has been in operation for 12 plus years. PSP offers training, coaching and consulting to Managers and Salespersons around the world. So far we have trained over 159,000 managers and salespersons in 30+ countries.

My second relationship is with Berteig Consulting (BCI) as VP of Business Development. BCI has been in operation for 7 years and in the past two years I became a trainer and a coach. January 1st, 2011, I took on on the VP position. My wife, Bonnie, is helping me by contacting previous customers of BCI to get their feedback and look for future opportunities. BCI offers a variety of Agile methodologies to help teams self-manage and self-organize.

My third relationship is with Swiss Virtual Business School (SwissVBS) as Head of Business Development. SwissVBS is a very successful provider of e-learning and presentations to help companies to communicate effectively and their customers & employees to learn quickly.

You may wonder how I am going to make this work. I am walking the talk I give to all participants in my seminars. Activity, activity, activity is the key. I am filling the sales funnel with qualified referred leads. It is working for I have made sales for all three companies.

My days are full and the results are now happening. Maybe I have a split personality, but I am having a great time.

If you or someone you know could benefit from any of these services, please contact me at

MDRT - Greece - Feb 2-4, 2011

I had the pleasure of presenting at the Mega-Regional MDRT conference in Athens, Greece on February 4th, 2011. Over 2,000 participants from 30 countries attended. A wide variety of individuals presented on Financial Services related topics. It was an honor to be asked and to hopefully add value to a premiere event.

As you know I am involved with two companies, Swiss VBS (a e-learning provider) and Berteig Consulting (a Agile team building methodology). You can see these companies by visiting and to get a sense of their offering.

Swiss VBS made a gracious offer to all the MDRT participants to visit their site and take three on-line courses at no cost. Thank you Swiss VBS. To the MDRT participants, if you missed my slide about the offer, please e-mail me at and I will send you the information.

By visiting my Facebook you can see photos of the MDRT event.

Developing a Plan for 2011

This time of year is filled with promises to do a better job, to be a better person, to earn more money, etc. etc.! Unfortunately many people fail to deliver on their New Year's resolutions. We feel the main reason is that they do not use a proven process to ensure their success.

We suggest the follow process, which includes four steps... Reflection, Learning, Planning and Action, to improve your results in 2011.

Step One
‘REFLECT’ on what you did well and what you can change from 2010. No matter how challenging 2010 was, you most likely did some things well. No matter how successful 2010 was, you probably could change some things to improve your situation in 2011. Reflection on a regular basis will allow you to grow, develop and improve as a human being and a professional. Take yourself into account and be honest.

Step Two
‘LEARN’ from your joys, sorrows, best practices and good behaviours. 2010 offered you many opportunities and experiences from which you can learn. Regardless of whether the experience is a joyful one or a sorrowful one, you can learn. Take time to consider the highs and the lows, and then learn from the experience.

Step Three
‘PLAN’ by breaking down your plan; annual to monthly, monthly to weekly, and weekly to daily. Identify a few things you want to change in 2011. Begin a systematic process to make those changes in your life. Set your goals for 2011. The goals may be personal development, or achievement of production goals, higher income, larger teams, etc. Take each annual goal, break it down into smaller goals, monthly, weekly and even daily parts.

Step Four
‘ACT’ strategically and tactically. Each day, focus on one or two growth opportunities. A big part of action is to assess your growth and results. A good strategy provides an opportunity for growth and development. A good tactic is the actual action required to achieve that strategic goal. Make sure every day you work on and deliver upon the movement towards your strategic goals.

Success is a choice if you ‘REFLECT’, ‘LEARN’, ‘PLAN’ and ‘ACT’ on a regular basis. Each month, or more often if necessary, use this 4 step process to achieve your goals in 2011.

People don't plan to fail, they just fail to plan.

Please join me by planning for success in 2011!