Transformation & Rebranding

Recently I had a conversation with my oldest son Paul. He and I were talking about re-branding a company he is a partner in, and one, which I often do work for as a trainer. The company is Berteig Consulting and they are in the business of transforming people, processes and cultures. They have decided to rebrand from an Agile company to a Transformation company. I am looking forward to the process.

Rebranding is an exercise some organizations and on occasion, people go through to change how they want to be viewed. Often the process includes an evaluation process by ones self and by others. The focus of rebranding is usually to increase your marketability and your sales.

This raises an interesting question! Should you the reader of this article re-brand yourself. If you are happy with how you are viewed by others, your business results and your typical client, then you probably do not need to re-brand yourself. BUT, if you are not happy, then maybe you should re-brand.

To begin your re-branding you first need to do a ‘gap analysis’ which is a process of looking for gaps between where you are today and where you would like to be in the future. In this process you begin to detail your gaps. Next consider your own personal brand. Yes, each of us has a brand, just like McDonalds, BMW and Coke. When we think of these products and certain vision comes to mind. Sometimes it is a positive image, other times not so much. If I asked your clients what they thought of you, I am sure your brand would emerge.

So in your case as you look at your gaps between where you are today and where you would like to be in the future (in a business sense) you must ask yourself a question. How many of those gaps are related to the image you portray, in other words your brand? If your image or brand is getting in the way of achieving your desired situation, then maybe it is time to transform yourself and re-brand.

Part of the rebranding process is to find models of other individuals who are more successful than you. How do they behave in your marketplace that allows them to be more successful? What is their brand or image? As well you need to assess the systems, processes and tools you use in your business. Are they contributing to your brand? Or are they eroding your brand? To effectively rebrand you need an image of a successful brand that you can replicate in your own business.

Over the many decades I have been alive I have rebranded myself many times. Sometimes successfully and others not so much! Regardless, the rebranding and transformation process go hand in hand and have contributed to a healthy and happy life for me. Go ahead, re-brand and transform yourself! It is cathartic and enjoyable experience.

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