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Titus Peride

Titus Peride: Partner, Coach, Trainer, Facilitator

Titus Peride is a partner in Professional Sales Plus and a professional coach, consultant and trainer.

Titus has been in the sales and management industry for more than 15 years and in the life insurance business for 10 years. He has been a very productive and profitable agent and manager. He resides in Romania with his lovely wife Maria and their young son Elias. He brings to the team energy, focus, enthusiasm and integrity.

He is currently co-writing a book called The Passionate Trainer with James M. Heidema. This is the sixth book in a series. It is a workbook for anyone who needs to design or develop training programs and/or deliver training. The Passionate Trainer will be published in late 2011 or early in 2012.

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The Passionate Trainer with James M. Heidema

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