You are hereSeminars: They offer the participant an unusual yet rewarding experience.

Seminars: They offer the participant an unusual yet rewarding experience.

Seminars: James training in Poland
James Heidema and Managers reviewing the different motivational factors in Poland.

After participation in our programs you, and/or your staff should expect to:

    - Be better able to serve your customers/clients,
    - Be more professional, productive and profitable,
    - Increase your sensitivity to the needs of all customers; internal & external,
    - Be able, allowed and willing to change or improve your behaviours,
    - Add greater value to your organization.

Our objective for each seminar is to:

    - Fill it with systems, processes and tools,
    - Offer very practical content that is culturally sensitive,
    - Position as an event within a broader process,
    - Base it on Accelerated Learning Principles© ,
    - Make sure it includes visually, auditorally and kinesthetically appealing content and situations,
    - Focus on behaviours, rather than on only words,
    - Make sure the content meets and surpasses the key performance indicators of the job function being discussed.

Our trainers and facilitators work hard to accomplish a number of things. They are to:

    - Create an environment where learning occurs,
    - Offer current and culturally applicable information,
    - Focus very heavily on appropriate behaviours,
    - Ensure each session offers practical information that helps the participant apply the knowledge, skills and improve their abilities,
    - Give the participants time to try-out or play with the new knowledge including role-plays and ‘mock’ presentations and/or interviews.

Executive Coaching
We offer short or long-term coaching for leaders, managers, salespersons and administrators to assist them to reach their goals and objectives. We also offer problem-solving processes for performance or behavioral discrepancies.

Our national and international clients include; London Life, KPMG, AIG, ING, AVIVA, Interamerican, Great West Life and Commercial Union. We have developed proven systems, processes and tools to assist with the development of the individual and the team.