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Sales Person: Resources

This is a services page for sales persons. This resource page contains article(s), blog entries(s), book(s), course(s), and seminar(s). Read through the material and discover how we can add value to you as a sales person in a highly competitive industry. It is important to note that growth and success require practice and an openness to learning.


Articles for Sales People

Your Competitive Advantage
Everybody claims to be an advisor and to offer financial advice...

Managing Tension
Whenever two people interact with each other there is always tension...

Dealing with Rejection
Most professional salespeople face rejection as they perform the core activities of their respective jobs...

Making the Sale
Some would say selling is a complex psychological process...


Blog Entries for Sales People

Million Dollar Round Table at (Our Professional Blog)
Next week the premiere event for financial advisors and agents takes place in Toronto...


Books for Sales People

The Passionate Agent: Paperback & eBook

The Passionate Agent

A Practical Handbook for Life Insurance Agents
by James M. Heidema

The Passionate Agent is a very practical workbook to assist Life Insurance Agents to more effectively manage their insurance practice. This book is filled with...

Learn more about The Passionate Agent.
This book is available as a paperback & eBook.

Also available in:
Tawainese, Romanian, Polish, Slovak, Czech, Turkish, and Russian.


Courses for Sales People

A partial list of courses for training, learning, and development

Coping with Change - 3 days
Customer Focused Selling - 3-4 days
How to Sell Yourself - 3 days

Human Resources - Improving Performance - 2 days
Improving Performance Seminar- 2 days
Needs Based Selling - 3 days

Personal Leadership Skills - 5 days
Planning & Development - 1 day
Power-Up Conference - 2 days

Product Selling Skills - 2 days
Selling Skills Workshop - 1-3 days


Seminars for Sales People

The Agent/Advisor Professional Development Seminar
Agent Advisor Professional Development Seminar

The APDS is a comprehensive skill development seminar for new and existing agent/advisors. Throughout the five-day seminar the participants will learn the theory of selling, managing their activity, their customers and how to build a successful financial services practice. The morning of each day will focus on theory and the afternoon will give opportunity for the participant role-play and practice. During these role-play sessions the participant will quickly learn the skills necessary to be successful.

This seminar is filled with systems, processes and tools that will allow the agent/advisor to excel in this industry. For every problem faced there is a solution. The solutions can be found in systems, process and tools. We have gathered the best practices from around the world and tested them in over 30 different cultures. Our solutions work everywhere.

We have a proven track record that this seminar produced MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) qualifiers in many countries. Those agent/advisors who sell in the top 2% of all financial services salespersons belong to MDRT.

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