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These sites are part of the Professional Sales Plus group. Each of them look to add value to business, agents, managers, trainers, and many others. Each site in the group is focused to make it easier to get the information that you want. You are already visiting James M Heidema 2.0, why not see what the other sites offer?


The Passionate Manager's Assistant

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The Best Assistant for Managers
This workbook is designed to be simple in its use and be impactful. There are many parts, topics, and concepts throughout this tool. What is it? Well it is a tool for managers to succeed in an ever-changing world. Visit our site and download the DEMO Version of this amazing tool. Once you try it for yourself, the professional version will be at the top of your list of tools that are a must for you to succeed as a manager.


James Heidema 2.0

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Adding Value to Manager, Agents, Trainers, and Companies
Hi my name is James M Heidema. As you can probably guess this website is about me. Now why would I make a site about myself? Well it is an easy way for people to see all that I am and can offer. One of the greatest opportunities for me, outside of my family, is to help others grow and develop. I am positive person with very ambitious goals. When I meet someone I try to add value to their lives. I would rather have no impact on someone then have a negative one.


James Heidema Speaks

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Adding Value to Manager, Agents, Trainers, and Companies
The James Heidema Speaks blog is meant to be a business resource for people who want to grow their business, become more effective, gain skills at a faster rate, learn other ways to achieve success. People working as manager, agents, and supervisors are all invited to add their "two sense" by submitting suggestions.