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Our Philosophy

Where is the value for you when you work with Professional Sales Plus? It's not about the name; it's about what we can do for you. We offer timely and effective performance, consultation and facilitation to improve productivity through behaviour modification.

With Clear Vison and Inflexible Determination, corporate executives, sales managers and sales professionals, and indeed, all corporate employees can achieve their personal and corporate objectives. Our corporation is set up to help your company achieve its' goal through programs of classroom training balanced with field experiences.

Statement 1:
We offer performance consulting to determine the current situation, desired situation, followed by a 'gap' analysis. We then design a training program to fill those 'gaps' that can be resolved through training. Then we offer facilitation of those courses with your training departments, and/or delivery of the required training programs by our team.

Statement 2:
All people need a coach or a mentor at some point in their lives. We assist individuals to reach their potential!

Statement 3:
We recommend training be part of a process rather than an event.

Statement 4:
We offer motivational presentations and soft skill development courses like: conflict resolution; change management, listening and communication courses to individuals or groups within your corporation.

Boris the Stress Monkey />
We help people deal with their monkeys. Monkeys are projects, relationships, attitudes, and beliefs that either help you in daily life or get in the way. People usually carry too many monkeys.